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Private Dog Training

Have The Well-Trained Dog You've Always Wanted!

Obedience training at Ridgeside K9 Winchester is the foundation of everything the company does. All aspects of dog training from service dog work to high-end sport dog competition fall back on the obedience foundation the dog received. The “basics” are never as basic as many believe. The “basics” must be the foundation the dog can fall back on under stress and when in a state of drive. As with all things – the stronger the foundation the stronger the structure. However, if the foundation is weak, no matter how fancy the structure is it will eventually fail. Our training goal is always to provide your dog with the strongest obedience foundation possible in the allotted time we have to ensure you and your dog can fall back on obedience whenever needed in real-world situations.

ABOUT TRAINING Packages / pricing

At Ridgeside K9 Knoxville, our exceptional private dog trainers in Tennessee, focus on the importance of a firm dog training foundation on which to build obedience skills. Throughout one-on-one private training sessions, you can ask questions and address any issues you and your dog are having without the stress of having other dogs and owners watching. With no other dogs in the class, your dog (even a puppy) can only focus on you and the dog training tasks at hand. When you invest in dog training private lessons for you and your dog at Ridgeside K9, we will use the time we have allotted (either 5 or 7 private lessons) to ensure your dog’s basic obedience foundation is strong before we move on to the more complex and impressive tricks. Even during puppy training, we are sure to focus on that strong basics base for commands and manners. Don’t stress out at home trying to be a dog trainer and stressing out yourself and your dog. Contact Ridgeside K9 for private training programs! We are sure you will love our training methods because we believe that training your dog can be fun.

  • 5-Lessons (Includes Training Collar) $850
  • 7-Lessons (Includes Training Collar) $1100

Private TRAINING benefits

Everything from crate training, separation anxiety, and potty training, to behavioral issues. In private training, we submerge your dog into a clear and consistent training plan. Not only correcting issues but providing a good foundation to prevent issues from coming up.

The Importance Of The "basics"

As with any skill that you are hoping to learn, the skill must have a firm foundation on which to build bigger and better aspects of that skill. Dog training is a similar situation. During each private dog training session (choose between 5 or 7 lessons at Ridgeside K9), our professional dog trainers will make sure that your dog has a firm grasp on the basic principles of obedience.

When a dog is clear on the basics, he will be able to fall back on that former dog training during situations in public or private that are stressful. Without a strong foundation of the basics, the dog may not know how to react to various situations and be difficult to control for you, the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Lessons we teach you how to teach your dog.  We learn how you and your dog communicate.  We provide you the best path to success with your specific pet.

This is designed for the owners who have plenty of time on their hands to work with their dogs. It is also very beneficial for the ones who are interested in learning all the ins and outs of the training their dog will go through. During the 5 to 7 lessons, you as the owner will learn firsthand how to train your dog from start to finish.

This is NOT for dogs with aggression.

Aggressive dogs must do our 4-6 week aggression rehabilitation program.

In a private lesson, we spend an hour with you and your dog.  We focus on your priorities and provide you a way to solve problems or just to give clear direction to your dog.  We teach you how to motivate and engage with your dog.  As balanced trainers, we provide you with several options to communicate with your dog.  You will be one on one with our experienced trainers.  

We start by evaluating your dog and the situation it lives in.  We listen to you as the owner and determine what is working and what isn’t.  We strive to understand the dog’s living situation.  After having a full understanding of how your dog will be living, we evaluate your dog’s behavior and temperament. 

We find the best way to communicate with your dog and teach you how to develop a relationship with your dog.  As balanced trainers, we have access to a wide array of training tools and techniques that we help you to communicate with your dog.  


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