7 Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know

Canines are special creatures that you need to care for. They have been man’s best friend for generations, and we have been taking care of them since they became our companions. Our ancestors domesticated these animals by teaching them how to behave and relate with other humans.

Yes, they need proper guidance and teachings to growing into well-behaved pets, and this guidance comes in the form of orders. However, they often don’t get this guidance, which can get your dog to act out. They would quickly become a nuisance to you, your family, and even your neighbors, leaving havoc in their wake.

Many dog enthusiasts understand this and have created hundreds of orders your dog can learn to adopt better behavior. However, it may shock you to know that you only need them to learn a few dog commands to turn around their bad behavior.

Suppose you are interested in understanding the different dog training commands and seeking to teach your dog to sit and conduct other fantastic basic dog practices and behaviors. In that case, you should ensure to work with professionals. The professionals at places like Ridgeside K9 Knoxville have the experience, knowledge, and expertise regarding dog training commands and how to teach your dog to sit and behave well.

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Why You Should Train and Teach Your Dog Commands

As mentioned above, training your dog is highly beneficial for both you and your canine. A lack of guidance can make your dog spiral out of control and cause them to attack other people unprovoked. That said, here are two main reasons why you should train your dog and take advantage of dog training commands.

Dog Training Commands Keeps Your Dog Happy

You may not understand it, but training your dog is crucial in keeping them happy. Dogs can sense when people are angry at them, and it can bring down their mood drastically. Teaching them right from wrong helps them to keep away from trouble, which keeps them happy. 

Dog Commands Gives Them a Form of Exercise

There are many orders, such as rolling over, that give your dog a good workout. Hence, teaching your dog a few orders can stimulate their bodies and minds. Ultimately, reasonable exercise can keep them happy and make them fall asleep better.

Dog Training Commands Keeps You in Control 

Control is something you need as a dog owner, and teaching them orders helps keep you in control. When you’re in control, it reduces their chances of becoming a nuisance to you, your neighbors, or anyone else in general. From the sit command to having the dog on a leash, you can work with the right professionals to teach your dog to come and do much more with obedience training.

7 Useful Dog Training Commands and Dog Orders You Should Teach

Here are a few of the essential commands to teach your dog for the best dog training program.

Sit or Sitting Commands

This obedience exercise is one of the most basic orders you, an owner, should teach your dog. It should also be one of the first orders you shouldn’t teach your canine. Without this order, your pup would most likely be running around the place without you being able to control them.

Statistically speaking, it is the first order that many people teach puppies. When they learn this simple order, it opens them up to learning others. 

Start by making a gesture in front of them, and then reward them with treats and other positive reinforcements to make them repeat the action. If they don’t conform to your order, it would be unwise and unethical for you to harm or hurt your dog, as this can make them get afraid of you. 

Teach your Dog the Down Order

Another essential command to teach with dog training is the order teaching them the “down” motion. More often than not, your dog may get too excited, and you’re not able to reciprocate the energy. If their excitement is not tamed, they can make you uncomfortable and cause property damage. They may even be seen as a threat to other people around you in public settings. So, teaching your dog this order is an excellent way to make them non-threatening and take their high level of excitement. 

To teach your dog this order, try to make a gesture that incites your dog to assume a sitting position. If your dog gets it right, make sure you reward them with a form of positive reinforcement such as a treat or a run. 

Combined with the sit command, this one can help you move forward in your relationship with your puppy!

The Stay Command or Order Is Part of a Holistic Set of Dog Commands

You may have heard this in movies, but this order is beneficial in real life. Without this order, it gets tough for your dog to stay in one place. Left to them, they don’t understand when to keep calm and when to get excited. That said, teaching them how to stay calm is essential. You can do this by making a gesture that suggests them to sit down. When you do this correctly, try to reward them for encouraging them to act each time you make that hand gesture. 

Teaching them to ‘stay’ may be more tricky than others, so it is advisable to exercise patience. Try not to use unorthodox methods to train your dog, as it may cause more harm than progress. These include anxiety, pain, and fear. 

The “Come” Command Catches Your Dog’s Attention

This order can save the life of your dog. If you have a dog, there will come a time where the dog would escape their leash. When they do, it can be challenging retrieving them because they can run faster than you. This can lead them into potential danger and put them in life with certain conditions. Hence, teaching them this order is key to preserving your canines at home and keeping them in good behavior.

Teaching them this order is arguably more straightforward than other orders on this list. All you need to do is make a hand gesture inviting them to come. Naturally, your dog loves to come to you, so they should get this order in a few attempts.

Failure to teach them this order may put them in trouble with humans, other canines, and even other animals.  The right teacher can note that eye contact, reward, praise, affection, and the ability to give to your dog as you conduct obedience training are essential. From the right type of practice, regular repeat behavior and activities combined with walking can give your relationship with your puppy a boost.

“Heel” is Another Part of the Commands To Teach Your Dog

Many orders center around trying to keep your dog’s excitement from putting them in danger if you haven’t noticed by now. When you’re walking your dog, it’s very easy for an untamed one to find something of interest and give chase to it. If that happens, it can be pretty challenging to calm down your dog and get them to remain calm.

That’s why this order is so important, and why you should teach them this order. Fortunately, there are many strategies you can use to get your dog to walk by your side instead of chasing down everything it sees.

 To teach them this order, you can simply stop moving and then try as much as possible to keep your dog from moving, too, using a leash. If they do this successfully, you need to reward this behavior for encouraging your dog and enforcing the behavior. 

The Roll Over Command is One of the Classic Dog Commands to Teach Your Dog

Your dog rolling over is another dog order you need to teach your canine. This is because a lot of the diseases they catch can be detected by examining their bottom halves. If you inspect, you will notice all sorts of bumps and sensitive areas where they feel pain. If you don’t detect these problems early, it can lead them to develop severe health conditions and even put them in life-threatening situations.

Additionally, teaching your dog to do this trick can be fun for both you and your dog. However, this order is more challenging to teach them compared to other ones in this list. When you want to teach them this order, you may have to make a hand or body gesture and then perform an action to make your dog roll over. 

Over time, they would get used to this gesture and roll over on order. Like other orders, learning this one may take time, so it would be best to exercise patience. Harming your dog for failing to grasp this command is unacceptable.

The Don’t Touch Command Is Another Wonderful One of the Commands to Teach.

Canines are affectionate humans that love to play with everything. They are also naturally curious and are constantly looking to uncover mysteries. While that is good for many reasons, it can get your dog into trouble. Due to its curiosity, your dog can also damage property and leave havoc in its wake. Thus, this order is the last of the most vital orders you should teach them. 

Teaching them the “don’t touch” order would lead them to let some things go, no matter how curious they are about it. You might notice that your dog’s nose is quite interested as your dog’s nose goes around sniffs many areas. At the same time, they can get excited, run around, and touch different places, people, or things that are off-limits things.

To teach them this order, show them a hand or body gesture and then use this gesture to divert their attention. Although it may be tempting to beat them, which would deter them from repeating the behavior, it is a generally unwise decision. Instead, take your time, and your dog would learn to let things go gradually. 

This can be one of the best commands to teach your dog. At the same time, the sit command will also come in handy for them at this time. It will also help to keep your dogs’ calm while on the leash as well.

As you repeat these commands to your pup, they can learn the basic behavior that limits them. Your pet dog’s behavior will change as they pick up on your cue, word, and other actions that you may have. It essential to think about your breeds and teach them to wait, watch, and stay quiet.

Reach Out to Professionals To Obtain Commands to Teach and Train Your Pup to Practice Better Behaviors

Canines are beautiful creatures that are extremely useful in the home. They are used for human companionship, interaction, and even for protection. As a result, millions of people have these canines in their homes as loyal pets.

Admittedly, trying to train a dog may be pretty challenging. But you can improve your language and the way you communicate with your pup to drop their bad attitude and move towards a better version of themselves.

Again, it would be very unwise to involve physical harm or brute force in these training strategies. This is because your dog may develop anxiety and fear towards you. They may also see you as a threat at that moment and fight back, which would most likely land you in the hospital.

Find out how working with hand gestures can teach your dog to wait, watch, and keep quiet. Professionals at places like Ridgeside K9 Knoxville can help you keep your head high as you walk with your dog, take them to the park and show them affection. Our professionals can help them with basic commands with the right cue and the right word to stand and stay on their ground while also responding to you when called.

Give yourself and your pup a treat by working with professionals at the Ridgeside K9 Knoxville center. Give us a call today to head towards brighter days with your pet!

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